Native ads will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021!

Native ads — or ads that take on the look and feel of the content surrounding them — are taking over digital advertising. Thats why you should advertise on in the right context to reach the right buyers of your product and services. Read more about native ads here

Ad Submission and prices banners

Remember that all resources required by an ad included in the maximum weight, for example, JavaScript, images, fonts and style sheets. This also applies to third-party materials. The total number of resources will be limited to 15 pieces. Max weight for banners 100 kb!
• All questions and materials to be sent one time best
• All materials must meet specified requirements, unless otherwise agreed.
• All advertising material must be delivered at least 5 working days before publication (7 days for special formats).

Ads are calculated by Cost per mille (CPM) Cost per thousand impressions" (CPM) + time limit advertising period. Cost per impression is derived from advertising cost and the number of impressions.

Cost per impression (£) = Advertising cost (£) / Number of Impressions (#)

Example calculating the CPM:

  1. Total cost for running the ad is £450.
  2. The total estimated audience is 30,000 people for a 3 month period.
  3. (£ 450/30,000) = £0.015
  4. CPM is calculated as: £0.015 x 1000 (meaning per thousand views) = £15.00

Note: Notice how the CPM is £15.00 and not £0.015, this is because we are looking at cost per thousand. We set up slots for 3 months, 6 and 9 months periods. As soon as you reach your impressions you can add a new adverstising period.You also got a link direct to your banner statistics. See this link.


Display Desktop Panorama 728x90px 15 £ CPM/Timeslot 3,6,9 FooterBottomBanner 3,6,9 months

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