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A month in review: The July housing market

Every month, economists release a number of indices, reports and analyses of the housing market, and it can be difficult to keep up with them all ...
Original author: Marian McPherson
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Feel like quitting real estate? 11 ways to bounce back

When Realtor Erin Brumleve is worn out with real estate, she turns whatever is bugging her into a ditty and sings it to her team. "Yesterday's song went like, 'Sometimes clients really love it when a real estate agent apologizes ... even if it's not their fault,'" she commented in Inman Coast to Coast ...
Original author: Teke Wiggin
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New study reveals the top place sellers want listings promoted

Are you keeping up with tech trends in your market? Results from a recent NAR poll show that over 40% of sellers are expecting YOU to get their listing to show up on this site ...
Original author: Devon Broderick
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Sleek, collaborative portal takes the pain out of closing

WFG National Title Group's MyHome gives consumers and real estate transaction stakeholders a better way to be involved in the title and escrow process. ...
Original author: Craig C. Rowe
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Low budget, no experience, no clients: How one Denver broker found his way

Freedom and the ability to make money? I became a real estate agent because the idea that working hard means more money was appealing to me, as I'm sure it was to many of you ...
Original author: Luke Phares
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6 tips to help sellers stage their home while living in it

A potential buyer walking into your listing and saying, “Nope -- not for me” at first glance is the last thing you want as a listing agent. One simple way to avoid that scenario is good home staging. The key to effective staging is helping your clients make small improvements that will result in big returns. The same is true even if the client is currently living in the home ...
Original author: Jackson Cooper
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How should agents respond to lowball offers?

Lowball offers come with the territory in real estate, whether you're a buyer's agent or seller's agent hoping to mitigate an inflamed situation ...
Original author: Peter Lorimer
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Keeping your business afloat: A disaster guide for real estate agents

Agents across Houston are still fighting the possibility of more flooding in their communities, but the consensus is the worst has happened (for now) in this unrecognizable large city with the small town spirit ...
Original author: Gill South
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Brokerage moneyball: Trusting data over your gut

The real estate marketplace is changing, and quickly. What were once outstanding ideas may have outgrown their usefulness. But how do you know ...
Original author: Devon Broderick
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Rising rents hurting low-income households in 25 largest metros

Renting is often seen as a cheaper alternative to buying, especially when rental prices are only rising 2.6 percent year-over-year -- 3.6 percentage points less than the current for-sale housing price. But for households with the lowest income, even the least expensive apartments remain out of reach. The standard of affordability is when an individual or family spends less than 30 percent of the monthly income on housing costs, but renters who fall within the bottom third of income distribution in the 25 largest U.S. metros are spending anywhere from two to three times more than the recommended amount ...
Original author: Marian McPherson
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