Sponsored articles

This site allows you to submit articles profiling your products and services in our article & blog section.

Provided that your article has a value beyond a simple sales pitch, this site allows sponsored articles. Add some useful tips, and interesting story or some results from a recent poll, and you have nice backdrop for promoting your product.

Link to your products and services

In addition to promoting your products and services, you can also add multiple links to your own product pages and order forms.

Positive reviews

A positive review on an external web site with links back to your home page strengthens both your brand names as well as improving your own page ranking in the search engines. However, we caution against excessive use of backlinks. Just like we would like to see some added value to our news site, Google and other search engines only promotes sites that don’t add an excessive amount of backlinks with little or no real value for the reader.

Exposure over time

Regular news articles are replaced by new ones and older articles will disappear from the pages. Sponsored articles will stay on our pages for a longer period of time, from one to twelve months. This guarantees longer exposure time as more visitors will see your article.

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